The Problem.

Online Abuse is a global problem.

The Solution.
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KNOWMORE facilitates the sharing of block and mute lists between your friends on twitter.  

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Harassment Under Control

KNOWMORE is a system that allows users to share block and mute lists with each other. KNOWMORE makes is easy to maintain a list of users that are harrassing a group by sharing the user list between friends.

Once you sign up, we'll look at the users you've blocked and muted and make that list available to people who you mutually follow. You can subscribe to your friends who are already on the system.

At this point KNOWMORE will suggest people for you to either block, mute, or ignore based on your friends.

We are working hard on other ways to identity suspicious behavior and people in your feed to help prevent malicious behavior.  


Find more information about Knowmore on the FAQ page

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