Knowmore is a way to help fight abuse on twitter.  Online abuse is a global problme, Knowmore is here to help.

The first feaure is shared block lists.  This makes it easy to crowdsource a list of bothersome users.

Knowmore makes suggestions, it's up to you to take the action using the 'ignore, mute or block' buttons.  Only if you choose a specific user will we block or mute them.  We will never change your feed or followers ever.

If you've set your block list to "share with friends", only people who you are following and who are following you can see your list.

If you've set your list to global, then once user search is implemented, anyone will be able to subscribe.  

None You don't share your lists with anyone.

Private Mutual followers can see the list -- you both need to be following each other, like DMs

Public Anyone can subscribe to your lists

The more people share, the less abuse will happen.  Please Share.